Saturday, February 16, 2008

Rattle My Heart or Break My Heart

Today in Montreat was the first Rattle My Heart 50K. A hell of a run! This run actaully made me question all of my running and it was the hardest run I have ever completed. I actually had to pull myself together to complete it. However, it was the most rewarding challenge.

This course was mostly single track with about 3 miles paved road and 7 miles un-improved dirt road. There was tons of elevation changes. Seems like we were either going up or down all the time. Not a bit of flat could be found. The Kitsuma trail is a steep aggressive single track trail that climbs up to the ridge on the north side of the big grade on US 40 as your coming into Black Mountain from the east. Anne Riddle did her hill training on it the year she won the Pikes Peak Marathon. Another great highlight was Rattle Snake Ridge trail. This 9 mile of trail gains a little over 4,000 feet.

This run was put on by Adam Hill and I got to run with some of my close friends and it was fantastic. Pisgah was on tap at the end in Black Mountain to top off the best run of the year. Next week is the BMM run so I had better rest up.

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