Friday, January 11, 2008

Mountaineering here I come

Last week I met this guy with a sixty pound pack and these crazy looking boots walking on the mount Vernon trail (paved in DC). I knew from my recent interest in mountaineering he was training for an upcoming mountain excursion. He was dressed for -10 F weather and it was 30 F outside. Being the inquisitive one, I stopped and asked what he was doing. He was training for his ascent onto Mount McKinley. We talked about Alpine Ascents International,etc. He offered to provide advice to me regarding mountaineering, etc. He said he takes pictures and he gave me this website. Pretty amazing stuff.

I really think I have found this Mountaineering to be a new passion of mine. I am trying to figure out when I am going to Mt. Ranier in the fall for my first jaunt "Into Thin Air".

Pretty cool.

Here is a picture of the guy in Russia. He has climed a lot of mountains all over the world.
Tomorrow is my birthday and I am planning a crazy run in Maryland. I am planning on running around 18 miles. So it will be half my age.

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